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Our Approach

Hihi! Thank you for scrolling through my space! My name is Hima, and I started this blog after I found myself talking about everything sartorial in any conversation I had. Whether it was going on a rant about where I shopped or how much I spent, you can be sure that there was at least one conversation on my latest fashion splurge.

Growing up, I was the go to stylist for family and friends. Whether it was getting a bang for their buck while out at the mall or trying to figure out what to wear to an event, I would be there ready with a strategy.

With spare time after completing pharmacy school, I became engrossed in the world of fashion. From runways to real life, there are inspirations all around us. Therefore, it was no surprise that I wanted to set up this blog as an outlet to exemplify it all. Follow me on my journey as I figure out my personal style, keep up with the evolving trends, all while having fun!

Lots of Love!

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